Welcome to the web site of the DeLong, Smith, and Petro families. These are four of the many interconnected families (there are two separate Smith family groups) whose ancestral lines are associated with Worcester, New York, and nearby areas in Otsego County and other eastern parts of that state.

        This site traces the known histories of two immediate twentieth-century Worcester families, those of Gilbert F. and Irene M. (DeLong) Smith and their in-laws, Albert S. and Dorothy S. (Smith) DeLong, over parts of six centuries. Irene and Albert were the children of Arthur S. and Harriett D. (Albert) DeLong. The lives of the two younger couples spanned nine decades between 1911 and 1999. All six forebears are buried in Worcester.

        The site also presents records of many of the other families associated with the DeLongs and Smiths by lineal descent or marriage, such as the Petro family, whose members have helped research, create and maintain it.

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